Lesson 1 - Generating the API Key

This document contains step-by-step instructions on how to register your application within the SpreadsheetCloudAPI service and generate the API Key for this application.

  1. Log into the SpreadsheetCloudAPI server's administration page (http://spreadsheetadmin.azurewebsites.net/) using your SpreadsheetCloudAPI account (if any) or click Sign In and then Sign Up to create a new account.

  2. Either click Create your first app (if there are no applications created) or the New menu item.

  3. Provide required values for the Application Name, Application Website and Application Description fields.

    • Required. The Application Name field specifies a name that will identify your application within the SpreadsheetCloudAPI service.

    • Optional. The Application Website field specifies your application's website. This value is treated as a comment so you could identify your application faster.

    • Optional. The Application Description field specifies additional information (if any) on the corresponding application.

    Click Create to create the application with the specified settings and generate the API Key for this application.

  4. After the application has been created, the API Key is automatically shown on the application page.

    To copy the API Key value, click Copy on the right.


    The Active check box indicates whether or not the SpreadsheetCloudAPI server processes requests from the corresponding application. To temporarily disable communication between the server and the application, clear the Active check box.

As a result, you registered your application and generated its API Key, which should be used to access existing application files or upload new files to the SpreadsheetCloudAPI server. Go on to the Lesson 2 to learn how to work with the service from your code using Spreadsheet SDK.