Cell.Formula Property

Gets or sets the formula contained in the cell.

Namespace: SpreadsheetCloudAPI.SpreadsheetSDK
Assembly: SpreadsheetSDK.dll


public object Formula { get; set; }

Property value

Type: Object
A string expression that represents a formula contained in the cell. It starts with an equal sign (=).


When you assign a formula string to the Formula property, the cell value is dynamically calculated from that formula. To obtain the cell value, use the Value property.


This example demonstrates how to use SpreadsheetCloudAPI service to access located cloud files.

  • To access the files that belong to an application, first initialize the SpreadsheetSDK.dll using the API Key generated for your application. For this purpose, call the SpreadsheetSDK.Initialize method with your API Key as a parameter.

  • To create a new file and store it on the server, call the Document.Create method.

    To open an existing file stored on the server, call the Document.Load method.

  • To access a document's worksheet, use the Worksheet class and its members.

  • To access a worksheet's cells, use the Cell class and its members.


It is important to terminate the session at the end of your code. For this purpose, call the Document.Close method each time you finish work with the document.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using SpreadsheetSDK;

namespace SpreadsheetExample {
    class Program {
        static void Main() {

            // SDK initialization
            // Access the document that has been uploaded to the server
            Document doc = Document.Load("MyApplicationFile", "xlsx");
            // Access the worksheet
            List<Worksheet> worksheets = doc.Worksheets;
            Worksheet worksheet = worksheets[0];

            // Access cells
            Cell cell1 = worksheet[0, 0];
            Cell cell2 = worksheet[0, 1];
            Cell cell3 = worksheet[1, 0];
            // Specify formula
            cell3.Formula = "=A1*B1";

            // Set and get cell values
            cell1.Value = 5;
            cell2.Value = 10;
            var value = cell3.Value;
            Console.WriteLine("Value is {0}", value);

            // Close the document and save changes

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