Leverage Spreadsheets in Your Apps

We turn to spreadsheets almost every day for many reasons such as:

* Simple data entry.

* Calculations using formulas.

* Data visualization using charts.

With SpreadsheetCloudAPI, you can leverage all that in your apps – regardless of platform or target device, meaning nearly anyone would be able to handle and visualize the data using the format they know so well. And since your users are comfortable manipulating spreadsheets, they can manage many data and layout updates, meaning less application re-deployment for developers.

Cloud Storage for Your Spreadsheets

Your spreadsheets should be available from anywhere and everyone needs access to the latest version, that is why SpreadsheetCloudAPI provides you with cloud storage for your files. Simply register a new account and start uploading your spreadsheets, or create and populate them in code. And yes – cloud service means no client installation of any kind.

REST API for Spreadsheet Management On Any Platform

Use SpreadsheetCloudAPI with any application development platform – from VCL to UWP, from PHP to client HTML5 apps, native or hybrid mobile apps. All you need is support for HTTP requests so you can send REST API requests for creating, reading, editing or otherwise manipulating your spreadsheet documents.

C# SDK for .NET and Wordpress Plugin

Yes, certain platforms get special treatment. If you’re building an app with a .NET technology or if you’re using Wordpress, we have a specially designed SDK and plug-in for you.

Supported Spreadsheet Formats and Data Export Options

* Create and manipulate spreadsheets in XLS, XLSX (OpenXML) and CSV formats

* Convert spreadsheets to any of those formats

* Export worksheets or ranges to HTML

* Extract charts and pictures as images

Comprehensive Data and Layout Management API

* Populate spreadsheet cells with data, read cell values back into your application.

* Create and edit formulas of any complexity, aggregate data.

* Add or remove worksheets, rows, and columns.

* Access and modify settings of individual spreadsheet elements - worksheet, row, column, cell, image, link, chart and so on.

We Welcome Your Feedback

We would love to hear from you. Should you have any questions, feedback or functionality requests – send us a message and we’ll do our best to help.